Class 6E and 6B at "Ponte dos Brozos", State Primary School in Arteixo

Monday, 11 March 2013

"My cousins, Cristina and Laura" By Soraya

Hello people!
This is my cousin. Her name is Cristina. She is 10 years old.
She has got brown straight hair. She has got brown eyes and her favourite colour is violet.
Her favourite animal is the dog and her favourite sport is swimming. She went to the swimming pool when she was 8 years old. She has got a sister. Her name is Laura and she is my cousin too.
She is 15 years old. She has got brown hair and brown eyes.
Her favourite colour is blue and her favourite animal is the cat. Her favourite sport is tennis. She played tennis when she had got 10 years but now she doesn't play this sport.

I have created these avatars in Pickaface.
See you on the next post!

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