Class 6E and 6B at "Ponte dos Brozos", State Primary School in Arteixo

Friday, 2 August 2013

"Goodbye" By Lara

Hello girls and boys!
Today  I want to talk to you about my class.
In my opinion, my class is the best of the 6th year classes of my school.
My classmates are cool, clever, funny....
I'm happy because Summer Holidays have arrived,
 but I'm sad because school is over and I will miss my classmates.
I wish you a very happy Summer!
So long, guys!

"Summer holidays" By Lara

Hello guys!
Today I want to talk to you about Summer Holidays.
I have created a presentation about this.
If you want to see my presentation, click the image.
 Summer Holidays are coming and school is out.
Goodbye guys and happy Summer!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

"My favourite Game" by Adrián

Today, I want to write about my favourite Nintendo DS game.
It's Pokemon Black and White,
It's my favourite game because it is about Adventures and is very cool.
It is the best game 2012.
My favourite Pokemon is Reshiram, it's a Legendary Pokemon and is of type fire and dragon.
There are 600 Pokemons.
It's an entertaining game. You can fight, catch, training Pokemons and win medals.
I have created the collage at Pixlr.
See you!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"Goodbye, you are unforgetable" by Denise

Hi guys, what's up?
This post, is very very sad .
This post is about our farewell.
Thanks teacher, Sabino, Olga, Isa, Fernanda, Elena, Javier and the other teachers.
This years with the blog, the friends and you, was the most unforgetable of my life.
Well, this post finish here, and my fial world on the blog is...


"Goodbye" by Adrián

Hi! What's up? 
It's summer, and time to go to the Secondary School too.
Last friday was a horrible and sad day.
All friends were sad because it was the latest day in Ponte dos Brozos Primary School.
This years at Ponte dos Brozos were the best and the Most unforgetable years of my life.
Say "Goodbye" to the teachers is very sad.
Thanks teachers, for teaching me and all of my friends.
Thank you Aurora, Sabino, Isa, Fernanda, Olga, Pepe, J. Antonio, Elena, Javier, Eva, Rosa, M. Luz and rest of the teachers.
There are good moments: the excursions, the jokes, the funny things, the happy moments, and bad things: the "Goodbye".
Thanks friends too.
And thanks Ponte dos Brozos.
This post was for all of you, teachers, friends, and Ponte Dos Brozos.
And goodbye, New Kids on the Blog.
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

"Summer Forever" By Lara

Hello guys!
Today I want to talk to you about this video.
The name of this video is "Summer Forever".
This videos is by Megan Nicole.
It is beautiful, funny and lively.
In my opinion Megan Nicole has got a very beautiful voice.
Bye bye guys!
A virtual kiss :-*)

"Happy Summer" By Soraya

Hi friends and teachers. How are you?
Summer is coming. But in Galicia does not seem to come, because these days it's raining.
And it's colder than in the rest of Spain. Some people are on the beach. 
The school is ending and it's a shame... I don't want to end... Next year we are going to high school.
And this is my last post. 
I have created these images at Tagxedo.
See you and happy holidays.

Friday, 21 June 2013

"Happy summer holidays for you" by Denise

Hi visitors!
Today I will want to talk to you about my school.
Its name is C.E.I.P. "Ponte dos brozos".
I like this school, but as you know, it finishes 21th of july.
On June 7th, we went to the "IES Manuel Murguía"  that will be our next secondary school.
On the left, you can see my present school; on the right, it's a picture of our future secondary school.

I like the seoundary school, but I like a little bit more our Primary school.
Because I think the secondary school is more difficult.
The school is more beautiful, Is easier than the secondary school.
 I think it's the easiest and I think it's better than the secondary school.
I like holidays too. Oh I love holidays, the holidays are the best.

The holidays are the best because on holidays you can sleep more time, you can swim in your pool...
In my opinion, the summer is the most beautiful season of the year.
Do you like summer?
Well, you can answer me in a coment.

This image is for you, because you are unforgetable!
Keap in touch.
I hope you like my post. 
And i have created the fridge at ABCya .
I have created the collage at Pixlr Express
You can download this aplication at Chrome Web Store.
Well, this post finish here. 
Happy summer holidays, and remember, on summer go to New Kids On The Blog!!
See you!!

"Goodbye school and hello summer" by Rahela

Hi, what's up?
Today I want to say to everyone: "Goodbye school and hello summer".
My years at school were good. I had  a lot of experiences.
When I started  school was difficult but then it was easier and then I liked it . And now it's the end of the school for me and for my friends in class 6 E. To celebrate the end of course we have to have a party.

More or less as the Simpson's family I'm going to say on the beach in summer.
I'm going to miss you school but I love summer.
Buy the way have a happy holidays.

And I have created the word cloud at Tagxedo and I have edited the image at Pizap.

"Happy holidays, friends" by Claudia Varela

   Hi visitors!
Happy summery holidays!
Today school is out!
I will miss class, and I have not gone yet!
 In this summer I will go to the beach, to the park with my friends, eat a lot OF ice-cream...
Next year I will be at Secondary school.
Unforgettable Primary!
Have a happy summer holiday!
See you!