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Thursday, 13 June 2013

"Trendy clothes" by Rahela

Hi, what's up?
Today I want to talk about trendy clothes. :) ;)

These are two modern and pretty raincoats. On the  left you can see a sexy  raincoat. Their necklines are the same but  not the colour.
The first is light brown and the second is red. Its pockets are shorter than the other ones.
 Its belt is more glamorous than the other and more comfortable. 
On the right you can see another beautiful raincoat. It's more fashionble and colorful than the other.
 I prefer the 2nd one because is more beautiful and more glamorus than the other. 
The first raincoat is as expensive as the second raincoat.

Now,  let's talk about these shirts.
These shirts are beautiful. First of all , the  red shirt is more beautiful and  sexier shirt than the other. The second is blue, prettier, more glamorus and  more modern shirt than the other one. 
I think the best is the blue because is trendier and the other one isn't the worst but I prefer the blue one. 
The first one is as expensive as the second one.

And in the end I talk about cowboy boots.
These are trendy cowboys boots. On the left you can see a comfortable boot.
 It's prettier than the other one.   
On the right you can see a beautiful, cool cowboy boot.
 Its color is dark brown and the other too, but the other hase python skin. 
The second  costs 545.10€ and the other  306.10€. In my opinion the second is better because I don't like the python skin.

I have created these clothes and accessories at United StylesSendra and Apliiq.
And the collages at Pixlr Express.
See you and goodbye!!

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