Class 6E and 6B at "Ponte dos Brozos", State Primary School in Arteixo

Thursday, 13 June 2013

"The Hottest Fashion" by Adrián

Hi bloggers, friends and rest of the world!
Today I want to talk about the latest fashion.

In this first collage, I created three sweatshirts and a backpack.
The first is the best one. I think it's a football style, it's the most colorful and nicest one.
The second one is the darkest one, it has got a tiger style red and black. 
The third is the cutest one, and the most comfortable and coolest. It's a sweatshirt for running, playing sports...
The backpack is the most horrible, but it's perfect to go to school or high school.

In  this second one, I created two women dresses.
The First is a "Miami" style dress, it's the coolest and the most beautiful dress.
It has got light blue diamonds. It's a party dress. 
I think, it's more comfortable and spicier than the second one.
The second one, is a "Barcelona" style dress. I think, it's more fashionable and better than the first. It has got
black lines on a brown background. It's a party dress too.

In this third collage. I designed two different boots.
The First is a boot for Men, it is black and grey and it is made of python skin. It's more comfortable and cooler than the second one.
The Second one is a boot for Women, it is red and beige and it is made of python skin too. It's cheaper than the first one because you can buy the first for 600€, and the second one for 550€.
It's trendier and more modern than the other one.

I have created the sweatshirts at Apliiq, the dresses at United Styles, and the boots at Sandra.
And I have created the collages at Pixlr Express, an app of Google Chrome.
See you!

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