Class 6E and 6B at "Ponte dos Brozos", State Primary School in Arteixo

Thursday, 4 April 2013

"My friend Uxia" By Lara

Hello girls and boys! What's up?
Now, I'm going to tell you about my friend Uxia.
Uxia has got long hair, brown eyes, a small nose and a small mouth.
In this picture, Uxia has got a purple t-shirt, and purple earrings.
Uxia is a good friend, is beautiful, friendly...
She is 12 years old. Her favourite colour is purple 
and her favourite animal is the dog.
In her house, she has got parrots and dogs and has got her family, of course.
I think her favourite subject is Galician and she doesn't like maths.
She has got a brother and Uxia is one of my best friends.

I have created this image at Pick a Face.
Bye bye, guys and a kiss for Uxia, of course!

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