Class 6E and 6B at "Ponte dos Brozos", State Primary School in Arteixo

Friday, 8 March 2013

"Women's intenational day" by Denise

I'm Denise, a girl, a woman.
I tell you this because today it's the International women's day.
I think, this day it's very important because some men, are violent with the women and this is horrible.
Well, this is a video about men and women. For these women on the video is a daily horror.
If you want to see the video click here.

But well, This is all for now, thank you very much for your atention and happy women's day, boys and girls, men and women! 


  1. Happy Women's day, Denise!
    Thank you very much for your work today.

  2. Yes, is horrible Denise.
    I've seen the video and I do not like the video,
    has a lot of violence and the pictures are terrible.
    I like your post.
    We are against violence for women's!
    See you Denise.