Class 6E and 6B at "Ponte dos Brozos", State Primary School in Arteixo

Sunday, 17 March 2013

"The Chronicles of Narnia" by Rahela

 Hello, girls and boys!
Today, I want to tell about my favourite movie,
it is "The Chronicles of Narnia".
This movie, in my opinion, is a great fun, incredible  and very entertaining.
 The movie, is about four children who move to another time and are kings.
They also find a boy which is called Caspian, who is also a king that his father wanted him kill.
It also appears the lion the king of all.
There are two parts: in the first one, there is  a witch who wanted to kill the lion.
And in the second part  Caspian helps the four kings, to defeat the army of the castle .

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