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Saturday, 16 February 2013

"My favourite football team" by Adrián

Hi! Today I'm going to speak about my favourite football team.
Some players are: Pizzi, Valerón, Riki, Aranzubia, M. Pablo, Lux, Bruno Gamma...
Other players went to other teams: Adrián L. and Filipe (At. of Madrid), Capdevila and Colotto (Espanyol of Barcelona)...
Our stadium is Riazor.
The trainer of the  R. C. Deportivo of A Coruña is Fernando Vázquez, but before him the team had  J. Luis Oltra, Domingos Paciencia and Arsenio Iglesias.
The president is Augusto César Lendoiro, and the capitan of the team is Manuel Pablo.
Bebeto, Fran, Songo'o and Donato playes for Deportivo.
These are some scores of this year:
Barcelona Football Club- R. C. Deportivo of A Coruña, 5-4
R. Madrid Football Club- R. C. Deportivo of A Coruña, 5-1
C. At. Osasuna-  R. C. Deportivo of A Coruña, 0-2
Granada Football Club-  R. C. Deportivo of A Coruña, 3-0
Sevilla Football Club- R. C. Deportivo of A Coruña, 3-1
The rival team of Deportivo is  R. C. Celta of Vigo, the trainer of  Celta is Paco Herrera.
In 2011-2012 won the Adelante Legue, but, now in the BBVA league they are the last ones. (20th).
Força Depor!
The collage is created at PicMonkey.

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